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Welcome To Electrotherm TLT DIVISION

Electrotherm is a major Engineering Company from Gujarat. The transmission Line Tower Division of Electrotherm (I) Ltd manufactures Fabricated and Galvanized Structures for Power Transmission Line Towers, Power Sub-stations. We also manufacture Lattice windmill structures, Industrial structures and Solar structures. We have state of the art manufacturing facility for Fabrication of structures and its parts with installed capacity of 36000 MT/Year and Galvanizing of structures with installed capacity of 48000 MT/Year on Mumbai- Vadodara highway at Karjan, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.


Our Manufacturing Service



Electrotherm TLT Division has spacious 415110 Sq. ft shop floor with 160,000 built up space for manufacturing and proto modeling of Transmission Tower, Substation and other structures. The fabrication facility is equipped with all modern machinery to execute the task with very high precision. Hole mismatch at site is a big problem for EPC contractor. We all know this and ensure that our customer face no problem, I repeat no problem on site.



We have a state of the art L9.00mtr x 1.00mtr x 1.5mtr Oil fired Hot Dip Galvanizing Furnace with heating pumping unit, flame proof type flow heater, self-proportionating burner, centrifugal blowers and heat resisting cover with pickling, rinsing, pre-fluxing, pre heating Zinc bath with quenching and passivation tank.

We undertake galvanizing strictly as per customer requirement and relevant required standards. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are very mindful of environment preservation and protection. We treat all our waste before release and comply with all environment protection guidelines.



  • Transmission Line Tower Structures (TLT)
  • Sub-Station Structures(SS STR)
  • Lattice type windmill structures
  • Engineering Structures
  • Solar Panel Mounting Structures

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